Saturday, October 13, 2018

Ridgeview Wolf Pack Vanguard

Washington Union HS, John Ventura Stadium

6041 S. Elm, Fresno, CA


1:00PM Pit Crew Load trailer, Depart as soon as allowable

1:30PM Student call time

1:45PM Load Bus

2:00PM Bus Depart for Fresno

4:30PM Arrive Washington Union HS, Dinner by Boosters

6:00PM Dress in Bibs- Visual rehearse

6:45PM Music Warm-Up

7:15PM Final Prep

7:25PM ensemble run-through

7:45PM pit load and travel

7:55PM Pit/ Band- report to gate

8:10PM Performance

8:30PM Change Clothes* and Pack Equipment.

8:30PM Snack by Boosters

9:00PM Return to stadium. Watch 5A Bands

9:50PM Awards (DM, captains)

10:30PM Load Bus

12:30AM Arrive RHS